T1 High Speed Internet Access. DSL and VPN solutions available.

T1 High Speed Internet Access

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Dedicated Internet T-1
Fractional T1 - Starts at $449/mo.
Full T1 - Starts at $649/mo.

First Class Service
Our premium Business Class service uses the best industry standards for T1 technology to access the Internet.

More Bandwidth for Your Business!
Our service is a far-reaching, fast access solution designed for businesses with high bandwidth needs that were previously unable to qualify for service or necessary speeds due to distance or technical limitations.

T-1 Service Plans

Speed IPs 1 Year 2 Year
1.5Mbps 5 $749/mo. $674/mo.
768kbps 5 $649/mo. $584/mo.
384kbps 5 $499/mo. $449/mo.

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High Speed DSL
Prices Starting at $29.95 per Month

Get the Speed You Need!
Everybody who has DSL loves the speed increase they gained when they switched from dial-up!
With our current DSL specials, you can take advantage of a major speed increase and get the best deal in town!

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Virtual Private Network
As Low As $99.00 - One Time Fee

Hassle Free!
As with any network, including virtual private networks, you need to be concerned with performance, security, and cost. Here is why our VPNs are the best in the industry.

Performance: Our VPN solutions will enhance your ability to transfer data to other parts of your virtual network.

Security: Increase your network security and prevent unauthorized access from hackers.

Affordability: Don't spend a fortune on dedicated networks. Our VPN will allow you to save money without sacrificing security.

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We Make High Speed Internet Access Easy To Order!
We provide a point of contact between you and your high speed internet provider so that you can concentrate on your business, while we handle the painstaking logistics of your order. Because of our relationships with the leading broadband providers, we can offer our services to you free of charge.

Broadband Services You Can Count On!
We are your first and best point of contact when ordering dedicated Internet access solutions! We work with the top local service providers and provide you with excellent service, tons of bandwidth, and reliability you can count on. To speak with a live representative about installing a T1, DSL, or VPN please call: 1-888-222-3354

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